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Kangoo jumps rebound classes reduce your body fat, increase your agility, strengthen all of your muscles and cardiovascular health, rejuvenates your tired body & helps your state of health & fitness.Scientific studies by NASA show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective, and pleasant exercise ever devised. Simultaneously, all the body cells, muscles, and organs are challenged and trained to be their most efficient with each gentle bounce.
Other benefits include:

  • 80% Less Joint Impact
  • 25% Less Calorie Burn
  • Faster Rehabilitation
  • Good for all ages (7 years and up)
    Reduce cellulite
    increase muscle mass
  • 100% Pure FUN


Kangoo Club Spruce Grove's mission is for people to achieve a fit and fun lifestyle with full body workouts in a positive, fun & motivating atmosphere!

Having a fun physical activity like Kangoo Jumps with our community atmosphere & positive energetic classes will drastically increase your energy level right away, having you feeling & looking great & coming back for more.
We have Proudly been Rebounding in The Parkland County, Spruce Grove & Stony Plain Area Since 2017.


Kangoo Jumps classes are dynamic, safe, extraordinary and easily followable.
They are also suitable for all levels/ages/genders.

Classes are great for those looking for low impact solution due to joint pain. Great for Athletic conditioning and recovery. Kangoo Jumps classes are the perfect cure for people who are bored with their workouts or who have reached a plateau. If you are looking for something exciting and innovative you have found the place to be.

Teah Stewart

❝ Tried my first power  class tonight ! It was fun and boy did it kick my butt ! But I loved it ! Will definitely be going back! The music is awesome and the instructions are the best !  If you want a hardcore work out for an hour This is the place !!!

Jennifer Clarke

❝ In June 2019, I decided to try Kangoo after researching new workout programs for about a month. I was nervous to go and try something new, but all the reviews and Facebook posts made it look so fun!
I was really surprised when I went to the Kangoo Club with how welcoming and friendly everyone was to me- knowing I was a beginner! They were encouraging and supportive- so instead of feeling anxious and overwhelmed (because I had no idea what I was doing), I felt excited to learn and improve. I had multiple people come up to me during the first few classes to give me pointers and reminders that they were once in my position as well.
I participated in one challenge and I enjoyed the support of a community who shared the same goals.
I have been going to Kangoo pretty regularly since and I enjoy how the instructors inspire you to push harder than you thought possible, while making sure that you remain safe and with good form. Plus the rebound in the boots help with hip pain I would sometimes get when running. I enjoy that I can get in cardio without worrying about sore joints.Kangoo is so good for both the body and the mind and I encourage anyone who is thinking about trying it to go to a class, it is easily adapted for almost everyone!! ❞

Tasha Strocher

❝ What a wonderful group of empowering ladies. This club is like family and I really enjoy the classes. Who knew working out could be fun! ❞

Amanda Byrne

❝ I have gone to three classes so far and the ladies that teach the classes have been awesome. They have been very encouraging to new members and modifying moves when they can see you are struggling to keep up. There is so much positive energy in these classes and makes it a super fun workout. I will definitely be joining more classes! ❞

Lori Papineau

❝ The PAC Bantam AA Broncos had a great work out! ❞

Vickie Meed

❝ I joined Kangoo back in April 2018 and was welcomed with open arms. The instructors are great at keeping me motivated and everyone is very supportive! I have had great success not only physically but also mentally on how I look and feel. ❞


Boot Camp/Circuit

Specifically designed to building muscular strength and endurance, tightening and toning the body while providing cellulite reduction.

Kangoo Power

Highly motivating, while incorporated a whole lot of fun. Also great for athletes, due to its use of explosive plyometric techniques.

Kangoo Kick/Punch

Kick it! This is a Martial Arts style program, using blocks, kicks and punches from various styles, including Kickboxing and Karate.

Kangoo Dance

Kangoo Dance is a traditional aerobic program utilizing Kangoo Jumps boots, which act as shock absorbers. It will help you burn fat, lose weight quickly.

Kangoo Discovery Kids

Kangoo Discovery combines aerobic programs, fun games, sport activities, teamwork and dance. It consists of 2 programs for children and teens.

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About Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes help reduce the impact of athletic activity up to 80% thanks to the revolutionary Impact Protection System (IPS), a kind of mini trampoline included on the shoe.

Scientific studies by NASA, show that rebound exercise is the most effective and pleasant exercise ever devised. All the body cells, muscles and organs are challenged and trained to be their most efficient with each gentle bounce. Kangoo shoes are the most convenient and versatile sports article on the market today. The shoes provide extensive, safe and effective methods for muscular development and well-rounded health. Adaptable to multiple sports applications as a cross-training tool, they can be used for any activity on any sneaker-friendly surface for jogging, martial arts, sport-specific conditioning, aerobics, circuit, interval, and plyometric training.

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